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Mysterious Plane Seen over Texas – Aurora?

Several media outlets are now reporting a strange triangular aircraft was seen over Texas.  The aircraft is believed to be the mythical Aurora which has been seen off and on since the late 1980s and is supposedly the successor to the SR-71.  In this sighting plane spotter Steve Douglas also reported the aircraft was followed by two other chase planes ...

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Recently it has come to my attention that a series of bizarre aircraft have been sighted over the skies of western California, their origin a mystery and their shape? Truly bizarre… The witness, a pilot, claims the aircraft (see to the right) was cruising at around 200mph at around 5000 ft. on a South/South East Heading. The second sighing of ...

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Startling New Videos Show Russian Tanks Just 15km From Ukraine Border

Two startling new videos have emerged on YouTube today filmed by a unknown individual going by the name “War: Ukraine-Russia” appears to show large numbers of Russian tanks within just a few kilometers of the Ukrainian border.  In the first video we clearly see a very long train carrying dozens of T-80 tanks on flatbed rail cars, while the second ...

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Coming of Age in the Secret Space Race

UFO’s are one of those things; those things people always latch onto. They are prolithic in science fiction and once people learn of my interest, always a topic of conversations at parties. I saw a light in the sky, or this funky triangle flew over my head. My life is bereft with these statements, but in the annals of conspiracy ...

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Russian Troops Massing Along Ukrainian and Moldovian Borders – Russians May Invade at Any Moment – The Cold War Begins Again..

Coming quickly on the heels of storming the Crimea, NATO’s top commander US Air Force General Philip Breedlove  is now warning that Russian has massed along both the Moldavian and Ukrainian borders including some 8500 artillery troops. The massing of troops was covered under the “Snap” exercise but that now appears to be ploy to put large amounts of troops in ...

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The Woodpecker and UVB-76 are back: Has the Cold War Restarted?

For almost 50 years two secret spy radio stations transmitted to the world, beaming out secret spy orders across the airwaves at B-52 bombers and Tu-95 bombers circled each other at their fail safe points – circling and waiting, ready to launch a cataclysmic war to end all wars. The bombers were part of the MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction ...

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