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1942-1992 – Half A Century of The German Moon Base

By Vladimir Terziski The Germans landed on the Moon as early as probably 1942, utilizing their larger exoatmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type. The Miethe rocket craft was built in diameters if 15 and 50 meters, and the Schriever Walter turbine powered craft was designed as an interplanetary exploration vehicle. It had a diameter of 60 meters, ...

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Conspiracies are Real, Just Not All of Them

By Jeff Wolfe [Secet Transmissions] The pejorative term, conspiracy theory is getting plenty of traction in the early days of the Trump presidency. It seems like every day a new article or televised segment pops up in regards to the latest conspiracy inspired statements issuing from 45’s Twitter feed. It’s been quite astonishing to observe. From his campaign sound bite ...

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astr0, Black Triangles, abductions and the Forever Men of ATS

[Originally from Above Top Secret] To those of Above Top Secret who have been following the efforts I have been posting inside your forums, this is for you. For those who have not followed my writings, well, I apologise for being a little secretive. I have good reasons I assure you. I hope this goes some way to correcting this. ...

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Hitchcock, Hollywood Spies & North by Northwest

by Jay Dyer (Jay’s Analysis) So far we have only analyzed one Hitchcock film, Vertigo (1958), where we highlighted the use of mind control, doubling and voyeurism on the part of a shadowy Bohemian Grove-esque elitist intent on manipulating the middle class Scottie (Jimmy Stewart) based on a profiling of his psychological weaknesses.  In North by Northwest (1959) similar themes ...

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Is Disclosure Dead?

By Olav Phillips For many years now I have noticed a constant ebb and flow of the self-titled “Disclosure Movement” and in that time I have observed a pattern start to develop which I think needs to be explored now. I think it’s one of those things that may not win me friends but I do believe that it is ...

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Zika: Get Sun And Sprayed On Miami Beach

by Ian Hamilton Trottier [iantrottier.com] Not All Is Glitter And Gold In The Sunshine State Welcome To Zika Miami Beach 2016: Where You Can Get Sun, Sand, And Death Spray Nefarious Naled At 5 a.m. the crop duster buzzed over Miami as I lie in bed. Life dramatically changed after that. What was that smell? Why were my eyes red? ...

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Confession of an Art Director: Occult Advertising Tech

The appeal of ceremonial magick and the occult works for me along two planks, or more aptly, two pillars. One the one hand it addresses my metaphysical yearnings and on the other it compliments my artistic or creative nature. As it happens, I had been practicing a form of magick long before I realized it as such. You see I work ...

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by Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero Radio) Throughout history, there have been cycles where governments have found ways to use disinformation in order to steer consensus intelligence away from the truth about what is truly happening behind the curtain of government. The general root of all conspiracy theory is the notion that someone in a group of someone’s are not telling ...

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Moa – An Extinct Bird, or an Elusive One?

By Christine Cowling As a child, growing up in New Zealand, I was a regular visitor at the Otago Museum in the city of Dunedin. I vividly recall gazing up in wonder at the carefully reconstructed model of a giant extinct native bird – the mighty moa. There were nine species of moa (in six genera) with the two largest ...

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Conspiracies R’Us – Nobel Laureate John Nash Dies Just Days After Revealing Major Breakthrough

by Olav Phillips   Unexpected deaths are part and parcel in the conspiracy world, from the infamous murder of Danny Casolaro to the spate of deaths at Marconi.  It seems more often then not scientists and researchers make major breakthroughs then end up in bags.  The issue is so pervasive I recently published an article in Steamshovel Press called “Publish ...

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NYMZA Aeros – The Airships of the 1850’s

by Jimmy Ward & Pete Navarro  Have you heard of Schultz’ Hydrowhir Auto, also known as the “Cripel Wagon”?  If not, perhaps you have  heard  or  read  somewhere  about Peter Mennis’ “Aero  Goosey”?   How about Schoetler’s  “Aero  Dora”, which was built  in  1858 and was destroyed in a fire which consumed the town of Columbia, California  that  same  year?  Chances ...

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Interested in Roswell Slides? How About the Shocking Wright Paterson AFB ALIEN MODELS FROM 1988! (Images / Video Included)

With the recent ballyhoo about the “Roswell Slides” I thought it might be interesting to revisit something similar which to my knowledge has never been fully explained, debunked or really explored to this day.  The whole incident occurred back in 1988 when Seligman Productions was preparing a 2hr UFO special called “UFO Cover-Up Live” hosted by none other then Mike ...

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