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Tesla, Marconi and the Secret City in the Clouds

History is replete with stories of lost magical cities. Stories such as the lost city of Z, which claimed the life of legendary explorer Percy Fawcett and his son. Or the lost city of Hy-Brazil, a technology advanced Phantom Island

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Soviet Experiments in the REANIMATION of DEAD ANIMALS (Disturbing Video)

“Experiments in the Revival of Organisms” – It sounds almost like a H.P. Lovecraft story or maybe a midnight horror movie, but in the 1940’s researchers in the Soviet Union performed a series of experiment which involved euthanizing various animals

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Alternative News – Who Can You Trust? Russia Today? Veterans Today? Maybe Not…..

As someone who is actively involved in conspiracy research I try very hard to put forth information which is well founded and researchable.  I have long held the belief that you should not trust me, you should see what I

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Mars Movies, Blade Runner and the Breakaway Civilization

In modern conspiracy theory there is this notion of predictive programming, or the idea that through mass media we as a civilization are  being prepared to accept certain ideas, memes or ideology.  In its purest form predictive programming would be

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Mary Tyler Moore Member of the Process Church? Uh What is the Process Church Again?

So what is the Process Church, or the The Process Church of the Final Judgement?  Originally founded in the 1960’s in London, the Process Church was a splinter group of the Scientology movement founded by Mary Anne and Robert DeGromston.

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Secret Space Station Caught on SOHO Image!

by Olav Phillips There has recently been a lot of buzz which has emerged about a interesting object found in a SOHO image from the LASCO C3 camera which has been making the rounds as a new UFO sighting and

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