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Russian Troops Massing Along Ukrainian and Moldovian Borders – Russians May Invade at Any Moment – The Cold War Begins Again..

Coming quickly on the heels of storming the Crimea, NATO’s top commander US Air Force General Philip Breedlove  is now warning that Russian has massed along both the Moldavian and Ukrainian borders including some 8500 artillery troops. The massing of troops was covered under the “Snap” exercise but that now appears to be ploy to put large amounts of troops in ...

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The Woodpecker and UVB-76 are back: Has the Cold War Restarted?

For almost 50 years two secret spy radio stations transmitted to the world, beaming out secret spy orders across the airwaves at B-52 bombers and Tu-95 bombers circled each other at their fail safe points – circling and waiting, ready to launch a cataclysmic war to end all wars. The bombers were part of the MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction ...

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Mysterious Disappearances, National Parks, and the Break Away Civilization – Evidence of Batch Consignments?

One of the things which has always been perplexing about the Break Away Civilization was the notion of “Batch Consignments.”  Batch Consignments was a term used in Alternative Three to describe the movement of individuals offworld for use as slave labor to construct bases on the Moon and Mars.  The idea of Batch Consignments was to use effectively slave labor ...

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Project Blue Beam – TV Station in the Sky

In the mid 1990’s a new conspiracy started to make the rounds, a conspiracy of epic proportions.  To the uninitiated the conspiracy, Project Blue Beam, was proposed as a secret NASA program to develop a cutting edge display system which would allow the powers that be to project a 3D holographic image in the sky.  A single individual named Serge ...

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Alternative 1.5 – GeoEngineering, Chemtrails, and Global Dimming – Chemtrails 101

Chemtrails started to come into the public imagination as a conspiracy topic in the mid 1990’s.  With the advent of the internet individuals from around the world started to congregate and share data showing strange persistent contrails being emanated from aircraft as they flew overhead.  It was a story which grabbed the public imagination and sent shock waves of fear ...

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