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The Mysterious Green Children…

By Olav Phillips The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell – The Power of Myth Myths, we are told, are apocryphal stories used to convey a meaning.  In some cases that meaning is a life

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The Ghoul That Travels Among Us

By Olav Phillips Fall is a mysterious time of the year around the Bay Area. As the night steadily encroaches on the day, the clouds swirling around the impending storm, and the temperature steadily begins to drop it seems the

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Farmer Finds Chained Box in a Field with Werewolf Skull Inside!

In the small farming village of Novo Selo Stipsko in Macedonia, a farmer named Trayche was digging a new part of his field when he made a shocking discovery. While working in his field Trayche’s plow hit an object buried

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Haunted Disneyland: Security Camera Shows Ghost at the Haunted Mansion

For many years stories have swirled about certain areas of the Disneyland PArks being haunted. Disney has always been very hush hush about this but now a new video has emerged which was apparently shot from the security control room

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Did they capture ghosts? Fisherman snaps mysterious image in double rainbow

Source WITI Do you believe in ghosts? It’s a question often asked this time of year. For two long time friends, a recent fishing trip has solidified their belief in spirits. Brookfield native Mike Jacobs, and his friend Bill Wobbekind,

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NEWS ALERT: Tonight on Ground Zero Radio – Clyde Lewis (GZ) and Larry Overman (GhostMine) Attempt Mass Psychic Event in Portland, OR and Beyond LIVE TONIGHT!

Tonight Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and Larry Overman will attempt something that has never been attempted before -The mass psychic activation of Portland and beyond as Clyde and a OTO Magus attempt to open to manifest the Stairway to

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