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Maurin Maydan: the place of power in Ukraine

People with extra sensual perception bring their forces to life by visiting the places of power. They claim to have got an unforgettable experience, especially when it goes about the source of mystery. There is someplace in Ukraine which is overwhelmed with the legendary stories and unbelievable occasions. It’s called Maurin Maydan (mean, the Square of Cossacks) and today we ...

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Men in Black: The UFO Terrorists

by Anne Jablonicky UFO UNIVERSE Vol.1, No.3, Nov.,1988 I have never dared to tell this story before. First off, nobody would believe me, and second of all, how does one go about coming to terms with a terror so unbelievably real that it literally make the hair on your arm bristle, and your flesh crawl? The “Men in Black” – ...

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General Douglas MacArthur – UFOLOGIST!

by John A. Keel (Originally Published in UFO Report Magazine) An elite group of scientists and military officers gathered for a very private meeting in New York City in 1958. Their purpose was to discuss UFOs and the principal speaker at the meeting was none other than Gen. Douglas MacArthur, perhaps the greatest military leader of modern times. His record ...

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astr0, Black Triangles, abductions and the Forever Men of ATS

[Originally from Above Top Secret] To those of Above Top Secret who have been following the efforts I have been posting inside your forums, this is for you. For those who have not followed my writings, well, I apologise for being a little secretive. I have good reasons I assure you. I hope this goes some way to correcting this. ...

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Is Disclosure Dead?

By Olav Phillips For many years now I have noticed a constant ebb and flow of the self-titled “Disclosure Movement” and in that time I have observed a pattern start to develop which I think needs to be explored now. I think it’s one of those things that may not win me friends but I do believe that it is ...

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Interested in Roswell Slides? How About the Shocking Wright Paterson AFB ALIEN MODELS FROM 1988! (Images / Video Included)

With the recent ballyhoo about the “Roswell Slides” I thought it might be interesting to revisit something similar which to my knowledge has never been fully explained, debunked or really explored to this day.  The whole incident occurred back in 1988 when Seligman Productions was preparing a 2hr UFO special called “UFO Cover-Up Live” hosted by none other then Mike ...

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Triangular Aircraft with Adaptive Camouflage Sighted Over Michigan!

by Olav Phillips A new video has emerged from a MUFON “CE-5” skywatch in Auburn Hills, MI. which may show a secret aircraft utilizing adaptive camouflage. The video shot at 8pm on November 2, 2014 shows three lights in a triangular pattern streak across the sky. At some point there are clouds which the aircraft seems to fly through as ...

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Secret Space Program Whistleblower Captain Kaye Interviewed On Ground Zero Radio on Mars Bases/Aliens/Secret Space Program – LISTEN NOW!

Recently a new “whistleblower” has come forward via ExoPolitics.org and Dr. Michael Salla.  The “whistleblower” named “Capt. Kaye” claims he spent 17 years in the Secret Space Program on Mars and an additional three years assigned to the ships in the Solar Warden fleet. Last night Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero Radio interviewed Capt. Kaye in an amazing interview where ...

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Amazing Interview – Tim Swartz / Clyde Lewis – Ancient Aliens, Ancient Technology/Weapons, The Hollow Earth and Operation Highjump

I don’t very often write reviews of individual episodes of a radio show or televisions show but last night I tuned into Ground Zero Radio to listen to noted conspiracy/paranormal author Tim Swartz and what an interview it was.  Tim and Clyde covered everything ancient technology to the Hollow Earth.  This was Ground Zero at its finest and very much ...

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Secret Spaceplane Just Sighted over Northwest Arkansas

It appears that more secret aircraft  are being sighted over the United States.  Just days ago we received a number of images from Philip Lee showing the distinctive “doughnut on a rope” contrail pattern.  This time the contrails were from the legendary Auaora, and seen over Northwest Arkansas moving at a reasonable altitude from west to east.  This is important ...

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The S30 UFO – Bizarre Aircraft Filmed Over Nellis AFB Test Range

Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada is located 8 miles from Las Vegas. Nellis is the home of the 57th and 99th Wing of the United States Air Force, housing such components as the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron, the 414th and 547th Combat Training Squadrons, the 57th Operations Support Squadron, and others. “Tenants” on the Nellis AFB site include, among ...

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