Mysteries Magazine Issue 10

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U884-BIGIn issue #10 of Mysteries Magazine:

* The Relation Between Water and Thought Revealed in this Issue

* Hundreds Haunt the Legendary Queen Mary Ship

* Premonitions of Disaster Aboard the Titanic

* The Titanic and the Mummy’s Curse

* The Synchronous Relationship Between Surrealism and Fortean Phenomenon

* The Frozen Thoughts of Dr. Masaru Emoto

* Cryptic Corner: CIA Sculpture Continues to Baffle Cryptographers

* Mysteries of Science: The Global Consciousness Project – Predicting Future Events

* Our Mysterious Universe: Jerusalem Syndrome – A Deluge of Messianic Delusions

* Urban Legends: Half-Time Tales and Sports Legends

* Archaeology Anomalies: CT’s Gungywamp Complex