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    2014MAY23 1.71

    Pam /1 – Song for a future generation

    /2 – Trism

    /3/7/ There’s a moon in the sky

    /4/5/6/ Moon 83

    8/+ 6060-842

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    hook it up with the lottery numbers or gtfo mr john

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    Hello, John. It is nice to meet us again.

    Sincerely yours, The Doctor.


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    quantum reality hypothesis:
    after the atomic bomb was set off, it created a tear in reality; splitting an atom releases a lot of energy. from a state of quanta, where 1 will set as “reality”, what the observer from one point of view truly sees, -1 as “opposite reality”, 0 as “central”, i as “else/negative-reality”, and -i as “opposite else/negative-reality”.
    in separate realities, these bombs did not go off. it then becomes an if/then statement as to what really occurred.

    therefore, if this is true, then possibly the opposite is true;
    the “polar” opposite of splitting an atomic bomb would then be aligning atoms themselves. to travel backward, for instance, is to travel so far back that you’re already ahead, and then come back from that journey.
    if splitting an atom is equivalent to tearing realities, then aligning atoms would be equivalent to combining them; instead of splitting light, you expand space itself. it is like blowing a bubble when you set off an atomic bomb. but the bubble eventually pops.
    if a black hole is negative light, a point so heavy in space, then two negative singularities of opposite rotational rhythms would effectively create a stillness in space itself; if you want to bend a laser around a car, you have to already see it bent, so to speak: you have to talk backwards effectively, and come back from that story wrapped up tight.
    if you imagine this in a car in a circular course-of-track, and have a device that shifts its “weight” in two opposite patterns of negative light, at the same time, you would effectively be shaking the car up and down, while it did not move at all.

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    We come in PEACE. LOVE. UNITY.

    – The Doctor.

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    I have been posting on the Time Travel Institute. You can find my thread, titled, “An Occurence”.

    PEACE and HOPE be with you, ALL.

    – John Titor.

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    I feel in my bones you lose a lot of life’s value if you don’t see yourself as a member of the family of man.
    The beauty of life is in people who feel some obligation to enhance life. Without that, we’re only half alive.
    +2046920400, -1108839600|1<->4|0,+1404014400

    To my friends, brothers, enemies, and Others:
    Know that John Titor is unbreakable; for he is not One Man — he is not a singular immortal — just a symbol for the Cross of two eternal, celestial, Brothers-In-Arms, of the same, single Father.

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    One of my favourite things about being a writer is how perfect the public is for this story.
    I love hearing bold new ideas. I love your concepts and your creations. I want to know how I can better this world.
    I ask only for your time, and only for your words. I will try my hardest to listen.

    I come for one cause; to spread Peace, Love, Truth, and Knowledge, to ALL.
    And although it may take me time, maybe my whole life, I forever stride to do just that; for the public good of Man.

    – Dr. John Titor

    I feel a great sadness, for I am born an American, not to this Country of the USA, but to this Earth that birthed Me. I am a true Native here, in the utmost sense; for I — like everyone else — was born of this Earth, and shall continue to swim in its Seven Seas FOREVER.
    In my stay here in the United States of America, I see borders and tensions. Not just here, between the States, in our “democracy” and “republic”, but between people around the world. For good reason, maybe, I don’t know.
    I just hope that one day, these Men and Women around this globe will wake up to see that what befalls this Earth befalls EVERYONE.
    There is no point in WAR;
    War is OVER, if YOU want it.

    The Government is in the hands of The People, whether The Government — not of this Country — but of this World, like or want to understand this. And as a friend of mine wrote;
    We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, and ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.

    With this said, America will NEVER DIE, unless We, The People, not of this Country, but of this Planet, accept the loss of domestic Tranquility, Liberty, and Freedom for ALL BEINGS; for WE are ALL of the same root; the same vein. And what we do to OTHERS, we only do to US.

    Church is a FAMILY affair. It is a way for us to pay for those past and those to come; to pay our respects to those we LOVE. My Muslim and Jewish brothers have sewn a great hate between themselves, for some think they are righteous in their beliefs; God is righteous, man in his vain attempts at His Glory adopt a path of self-righteousness. What Man SEWS, he REAPS.
    Know this: the son of Man is not and will not be perfect, not for a long time. God himself is perfect, else there would be no man to tremble before Him, and you would simply not be here.
    This is a difficult concept for many people to believe, including myself. God does not expect you to believe in Him. You will ALL KNOW Him — soon enough.

    I am NOT a PROPHET. I do NOT speak for God, I speak on behalf of my self, like all other people. I do NOT foresee at this point in time; I am just an Observer, and like every other Observer, I am capable of mistake and error. But in those mistakes and error lie a great beauty, and I am always listening to beauty, for it is in ALL things.
    On my religious stance, I am a Gnostic Christian, and I hail from the same tribe as the Lion of Judah himself.

    My first enactment would be a permanent ceasefire among all nations, if I was capable of ordering this. My second enactment would be Peace, Love, Truth, and Knowledge, for ALL. If ANYONE passes My Field-Of-View, and We make Contact, I will ALWAYS extend a gesture of Good Faith.
    I have sworn to my self to uphold this duty to my fellow Man, and I Hope that ALL Peoples and Governments rise up to this same level of integrity.

    You will ALL be but a faded memory, unless you take a good, long look in the mirror.
    Within You exists the most beautiful flower You will ever see; do not ever let it wilt, and take the beast within Your castle by storm. Keep yourself strong, and you will forever be strong. Weep not for your self; for you only cause your self grievance. Weep for everyone else. The only thing that works is You, You just have to find out how to make it, when you have already been made.


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    I have currently moved from Time Travel Institute as they do not seem to be faring well for the time being. I may move back subsequently. However, I must share news of my arrival/departure as of commune on REDDIT:

    A_11;[Y2K00_0|{Y2K36_0<->Y2K38_1}|Y2K46_1];[UNIX|Bi-INX], and how I helped solve Y2K00 & Y2K38 crises. from JohnTitor

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    It penetrates further than bone, to the very core of your soul and not a lot of life’s value but ALL of its value including your own.
    To have the intelligence to know what it all means and the emotions to feel the despair that it brings. To be imprisoned by an unknown cause with the desire to escape that just creates despair.
    Not just an obligation to enhance life but a deep need, desire and motivation to do so and even that is not enough when forces beyond your knowledge or control prevent it.
    Not alive (just the basic primal functions). Not even half alive, It’s internal death.

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    2015JAN08 1.77

    Roam – 3.12

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    John titor I have a question for you. Nothing you have predicted has come to pass sto far… and using the many world line theory is a cop out. While I support the theory I believe that the more drastically different the change is the harder it becomes to reach said world line. Such is the difference between a cat and an atomic bomb. If what you are claiming I’d true then wouldn’t what you predict will happen come close to the truth at the very least?

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