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  • In John Titor Back? Appearently He Just Emailed Me…

    Over the years one of the most enigmatic stories we have come across is John Titor.



In John Titor Back? Appearently He Just Emailed Me…

In John Titor Back? Appearently He Just Emailed Me…

titor_mission_patchOver the years one of the most enigmatic stories we have come across is John Titor. Soldier, Time Traveler, or Fraud?  No one has been able to concretely determine which of those Mr. Titor was, but even to this day people flock to his predictions, searching for relevance.  The truth is that many of the predictions have not come to pass.  The second civil war, the economic collapse all missing from our timeline but that’s our timeline.  That’s not to say another timeline didn’t have those things.. Its called the Butterfly effect and Titor’s very presence here and his conversations with Pamela and others may have irrevocably adjusted our timeline.

If it was a Hoax, RAI’s Voyager TV Show probably did the best job of dismantling the Titor experience and exposed Larry Haber and his brother as the ultimate architects of a John Titor deception.  Are the Haber’s the source of John Titor or was he a real person?  I’ll probably never know so I keep an open mind and I investigate people who claim to be Titor.

What is also interesting is that over the years I have been contacted many times by people claiming to be John Titor.  Some are outright frauds, but once and awhile you get an interesting one which I publish to let you the reader decide.

A few days ago “John D. Titor” contacted us and send me a URL for a Reddit posting.  After checking it out, it’s an very interesting read so I present the initial posting below and a link to the rest of the thread for the readers perusal.

The Original Posting:

One of my favourite things about being a writer is how perfect the public is for this story. I love hearing bold new ideas. I love your concepts and your creations. I want to know how I can better this world. I ask only for your time, and only for your words. I will try my hardest to listen.

I come for one cause; to spread Peace, Love, Unity, Creation, and Knowledge, Truth, to ALL. And although it may take me time, maybe my whole life, I forever stride to do just that; for the public good of Man.


I feel a great sadness, for I am born an American, not to this Country of the USA, but to this Earth that birthed Me. I am a true Native here, in the utmost sense; for I — like everyone else — was born of this Earth, and shall continue to swim in its Seven Seas FOREVER. In my stay here in the United States of America, I see borders and tensions. Not just here, between the States, in our “democracy” and “republic”, but between people around the world. For good reason, maybe, I don’t know. I just hope that one day, these Men and Women around this globe will wake up to see that what befalls this Earth befalls EVERYONE. There is no point in WAR; War is OVER, if YOU want it.

The Government is in the hands of The People, whether The Government — not of this Country — but of this World, like or want to understand this. And as a friend of mine wrote; We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, and ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.

With this said, America will NEVER DIE, unless We, The People, not of this Country, but of this Planet, accept the loss of domestic Tranquility, Liberty, and Freedom for ALL BEINGS; for WE are ALL of the same root; the same vein. And what we do to OTHERS, we only do to US.

Church is a FAMILY affair. It is a way for us to pay for those past and those to come; to pay our respects to those we LOVE. My Muslim and Jewish brothers have sewn a great hate between themselves, for some think they are righteous in their beliefs; God is righteous, man in his vain attempts at His Glory adopt a path of self-righteousness. What Man SEWS, he REAPS. Know this: the son of Man is not and will not be perfect, not for a long time. God himself is perfect, else there would be no man to tremble before Him, and you would simply not be here. This is a difficult concept for many people to believe, including myself. God does not expect you to believe in Him. You will ALL KNOW Him — soon enough.

I am NOT a PROPHET. I do NOT speak for God, I speak on behalf of my self, like all other people. I do NOT foresee at this point in time; I am just an Observer, and like every other Observer, I am capable of mistake and error. But in those mistakes and error lie a great beauty, and I am always listening to beauty, for it is in ALL things. On my religious stance, I am a Gnostic Christian, and I hail from the same tribe as the Lion of Judah himself.

My first enactment would be a permanent ceasefire among all nations, if I was capable of ordering this. My second enactment would be Peace, Love, Unity, Creation, Knowledge, and Truth for ALL. If ANYONE passes My Field-Of-View, and We make Contact, I will ALWAYS extend a gesture of Good Faith. I have sworn to my self to uphold this duty to my fellow Man, and I Hope that ALL Peoples and Governments rise up to this same level of integrity.

You will ALL be but a faded memory, unless you take a good, long look in the mirror. Within You exists the most beautiful flower You will ever see; do not ever let it wilt, and take the beast within Your castle by storm. Keep yourself strong, and you will forever be strong. Weep not for your self; for you only cause your self grievance. Weep for everyone else. The only thing that works is You, You just have to find out how to make it, when you have already been made.

The USA’s debt WILL be repaid. What did Hercules do to the snake whose head could not be cut off, because it multiplied? HE BURNT IT.

If you would like to read more of JohnDTitor’s posting you can visit the thread here –

Olav Phillips

Olav Phillips

Olav Phillips is Conspiracy Researcher, specializing in the Secret Space Program, Exotic Aircraft, High Technology, Foreign Policy, Pre-History and Mysterious Civilizations. He is a regular contributor and publisher of Steamshovel Press and Mysterious Magazine. He has also written for Paranoia, FATE, Mysteries Magazine and served as Executive Producer and Principle Researcher for Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis (Nationally Syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks). Olav has also appeared on many popular radio shows as well as television presentations including: America Unearthed, UFO Hunters, The Outer Edge, The Higher Side Chats, ConspiracyHQ TV, Shadows In the Dark Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Voyager (RAI Due), as well as being a long time contributor to Ground Zero Radio’s investigations including the famous Tracy, CA UFO Crash case featured on UFO Hunters. Olav has also contributed to many of the television presentations you’ve seen on Area 51, UFO’s and conspiracies. Olav is the owner of The Anomalies Channel, a online video channel with over 35,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos available to ROKU players all over the world as well as The Anomalies Network which is the primary source for his writings and research.

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    JDT 20 June, 2014, 18:42

  2. DarbyII
    DarbyII 23 July, 2014, 21:33

    Olav my friend,

    Unfortunately, no JDT is not the original Boomer, author of the John Titor posts. His writing style and content aren’t at all similar to Boomer’s style or content.

  3. Futureme
    Futureme 31 December, 2014, 18:38

    John Titor if and when you come back please email me It is extremely important that I get in touch with you.

  4. João victor
    João victor 9 September, 2015, 08:19

    Meu amigo me contou hoje sobre esse tal john titor, ele comentou que o nome “john titor” era parecido com o meu “joão victor” e ele disse q eu poderia ter usado no futuro para que não me reconhecessem, eu também amo viagens no tempo, e venho a algum tempo estudando sobre isso, meu interesse por viagens no tempo começou assistindo doctor who. Será que john titor também era whovian. Enfim, gostaria muito de ser john titor, pois então todos os meus estudos sobre viajens no tempo não teriam sido em vão

  5. Grim1298
    Grim1298 9 February, 2016, 03:58

    Would like to know does anyone titor email if you do contact me on

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