NEWS ALERT: Tonight on Ground Zero Radio – Clyde Lewis (GZ) and Larry Overman (GhostMine) Attempt Mass Psychic Event in Portland, OR and Beyond LIVE TONIGHT!

NEWS ALERT: Tonight on Ground Zero Radio – Clyde Lewis (GZ) and Larry Overman (GhostMine) Attempt Mass Psychic Event in Portland, OR and Beyond LIVE TONIGHT!

Tonight Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and Larry Overman will attempt something that has never been attempted before -The mass psychic activation of Portland and beyond as Clyde and a OTO Magus attempt to open to manifest the Stairway to Heaven from the top of the KXL building and remove the black cloud currently over Portland. The best part? Not only can you listen to it live on Ground Zero Media but you can also watch it LIVE on Tesla Wolf Media! Check it out….(I’ll be watching…)







Olav Phillips

Olav Phillips

Olav Phillips is Conspiracy Researcher, specializing in the Secret Space Program, Exotic Aircraft, High Technology, Foreign Policy, Pre-History and Mysterious Civilizations. He is a regular contributor and publisher of Steamshovel Press and Mysterious Magazine. He has also written for Paranoia, FATE, Mysteries Magazine and served as Executive Producer and Principle Researcher for Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis (Nationally Syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks). Olav has also appeared on many popular radio shows as well as television presentations including: America Unearthed, UFO Hunters, The Outer Edge, The Higher Side Chats, ConspiracyHQ TV, Shadows In the Dark Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Voyager (RAI Due), as well as being a long time contributor to Ground Zero Radio’s investigations including the famous Tracy, CA UFO Crash case featured on UFO Hunters. Olav has also contributed to many of the television presentations you’ve seen on Area 51, UFO’s and conspiracies. Olav is the owner of The Anomalies Channel, a online video channel with over 35,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos available to ROKU players all over the world as well as The Anomalies Network which is the primary source for his writings and research.

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    NASA whistleblower 760- 333-1119

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